RI.MOS. designs, manufactures and sells custom-made metal products, and is a qualified supplier of companies in the industrial business (aerospace, automotive, ceramic, electronic, jewellery / costume jewellery, motorbike and eyewear).
Employed raw materials are mainly AISI 304 stainless steel, suitable also for medical products, and OT58 brass, nickel or chrome plated, depending on the intended use of the finished product. RI.MOS. also provides OEM manufacturing services for metal products: customers can count on qualified personnel with a great experience in the manufacturing of those products.

Custom-made stainless steel needles.
Mainly employed for industrial applications such as: microflames; dispensing of adhesives, drugs, liquid inks, resins, enamels, solvents and paints; decoration of jewels, costume jewels and ceramic. They are available with the following features:

- Outer diameter from 0.4 to 3 mm
- length: from 5 to 100 mm

Point styles
- blunt end
- double cannula with “V” point style
- crushed point style cannula

Hubs and fittings
- square
- record 2 luer
- 5/6 luer
- luer
- threaded

Hubs are manufactured in OT58 brass, nickel or chrome plated, depending on the intended use of the finished product; needle cannulas are in AISI 304 stainless steel; the hub and cannula assembly is usually caulked. Silver alloy and Castolin welding available on request.

Custom-made stainless steel tubing, round bars, mandrels and cannulas.
They are available ranging from ø 0.5 mm to ø 5 mm and supplied in different lengths.
Aspiration cannulas available in a range of size and lengths. RI.MOS. provides OEM manufacturing services with a customized service. All crucial manufacturing activities are made within the company with a range of equipment to perform the following processes:
- Cutting
- Sharpening
- Grinding
- Swaging
- Tubing folding
- Precision hole drilling
- Caulking
- Electro-polishing
- Forced steam washing
- Ultrasound washing
- Drying (oven)

The above mentioned manufacturing services mainly refer to steel tubing and round bar processes up to ø 5 mm. Needles and tubings can be supplied packaged only not sterilized.

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