For aspirated cyto-hystologic endometrial sampling
and therapeutic curettage without anesthesia.
The kit includes:

  • a curette with luer connector to be joined to a flow
    deflector provided with filter;
  • a test tube to be connected to the deflector for sample

The kit can be connected to an aspirator through a tube.
The tip design allows for an accurate and effective
The collected sample will be more abundant by rinsing the
curette tip inside the test tube at the end of the

720109Length 22,5 cm - O.D 2 mm50 pz.
720110Length 22,5 cm - O.D 3 mm
720111Length 22,5 cm - O.D 4 mm
720211Length 22,5 cm - O.D 5 mm

Supplied in single packaging - disposable - EtO sterilization - CE 0051 marked