RIMOS is the only Italian company actively committed to developing and manufacturing a complete range of disposable devices for artificial insemination and assisted reproductive techniques. The company is certified since 1997 and product design and manufacturing meet UNI EN ISO 13485:2003 standards. All FERTIRAM products are made from non-toxic materials in clean rooms class 10.000, subjected to severe quality controls and Gamma sterilized to ensure that there is no risk of residual contamination common with EtO. FERTIRAM products are submitted to the following tests:
  • MEA test
    (Mouse Embryo Assay toxicity test);
  • LAL test
    (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate endotoxin test).
At present, Mouse Embryo to Blastocyst Survival test is the only recognised test for assessing embryo vitality.
RIMOS is especially concerned to eliminate all those negative factors that may affect embryo growth, imputable to a neglected manufacturing such as:
  • obstructions, level variations resulting in tubing-needle connection (as for oocyte pick up needles);
  • ovocyte transit from steel to plastic materials causing inevitable temperature variations;
  • light and UV rays exposure during oocyte passage from the needle to the test tube;
The operator should anyway take into account other factors that may affect a successful IVF, such as embryo quality, pressure variations and handling technique.
Attention: advertising messages referred to FERTIRAM line are intended for medical-scientific personnel.